Outstanding coverage: 5000m²
Predator Dynamic radically reduces local mosquito populations in an area the size of a football field. 
    It works around the clock to target, attract and capture mosquitoes and midge species present in your local area to protect your business, family and pets.
Immediate results: 1–7 days
By utilising carbon dioxide flow, multi lure scent attractants, contrast sticky paper and Upstream Scent System Predator Dynamic is by far the most efficient mosquito trap available.
    The unique design and the Upstream Scent System is patent pending.
Targeting specific speices
The Predator Dynamic’s unique target-seeking system – Flight Altitude Optimizer – lets you target specific mosquito and midge species in your area. 
    The target-seeking Flight Altitude Optimizer is patent pending.%E2%80%93_Flight_Altitude_Optimizer.html
Armed with Rapid Action
Rapid Action Bio Tech’s extensive product range has been carefully researched and developed over the last decade. Designed to attract and catch mosquitoes, midges and biting insects – boosting the trap’s efficiency.


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Predator Dynamic – The Ultimate Mosquito Exterminator