1. How soon should the Predator Dynamic Mosquito Trap begin to kill mosquitoes?
While the Predator Dynamic mosquito trap will begin to catch immediately there is any mosquito activity in the area, it may take as much as 2–4 weeks of use to reduce local populations to the point that breeding cycles are interrupted. Subsequent re-infestations will occur after rain.

2. Will my Predator Dynamic Mosquito Trap get rid of all mosquitoes in the area?
No. There is no single solution to get rid of mosquitoes. The best you can do is devise an effective mosquito control plan for your area using the best available control strategies including one or more Predator Dynamic Mosquito Traps.

3. How often do I need to operate my Predator Dynamic Mosquito Trap?
Its important to keep the trap up running as long as the mosquitoes are active. Mid spring to mid fall in most places. You will need to operate the trap 24 hours per day.

4. Is the Predator Dynamic Mosquito Trap harmful to me or my pets?
No, the Predator Dynamic Mosquito Trap is perfectly safe for outside use around humans and pets provided it is operated in accordance with the instructions in the operation manual.

5. Can I use the Predator Dynamic Mosquito Trap indoors?
No, it is dangerous as it emits CO₂ and is not allowed!

6. How many traps should I buy for around my house?
This depends on the size of your property. Generally we recommend one or two traps depending on the number and location of mosquito breeding areas on your property.

7. Will Predator Dynamic Mosquito Traps catch biting flies?
In addition to mosquitoes the Predator Dynamic Mosquito Trap will catch sandflies, black flies and biting midges (no see-ums) and many other types of biting insect.

8. Can I stop my Predator Dynamic Mosquito Trap catching moths?
The Predator Dynamic Mosquito Trap incorporates a low intensity UV-LED which emits light at a frequency our research has shown to attract certain mosquito species. Unfortunately it can also attract small quantities of non-target species like moths. If this is a problem the UV-LED can be disconnected.

9. What's the best lure to use in my trap?
Different mosquito species respond in different ways and there are so many variations in their behaviors and in the things that attract and repel them.  The Rapid Action Blue Octenol is designed to capture most common mosquitoes and midges. The RapidAction Green Fusion lure also attracts some Aedes The red RapidAction Tiger lure attracts the widest range of mosquito species including the Asian Tiger.

10. How long does the Rapid Action Attractants  last and how effective are they?
Rapid Action attractants should be effective for up to 30 days depending on weather conditions. Octenol can improve the rate of capture of some, but not all mosquito species. Some species may not be attracted to Octenol so it pays to experiment with the mosquitoes in your environment.

11. How do I stop the insect residue building up to the point the fan stops?
Clean the fan carefully following the instructions in the operation manual. Leave it to dry. Tips! You can spray the inside fan housing and the tips of the fan blades with a coat of TEFLON based dry lubricant spray. This will reduce the insect residue build. Repeat the process each time you clean the fan.

12. Shall I use water in the collector?
Yes! Water will drown the mosquitoes and compact the catch so that the collector will hold more insects without clogging the airflow. The water will also give additional moist to the trap and water is something that always attract mosquitoes. Tips, put a teaspoon of sugar in the water. Mosquitoes needs the energy and always favor the sweets.

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